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Master's Degree in Performing Arts

With Masters Program at Central Creek University you will be able to reap benefits from a wide range of flexible degree programs, number of majors and course options. Additionally you can have interaction with leading researchers and academics who can help you out with your academic issues and grant you access to a number of industry links.

Programs Offered

Master's Programs offered by the School of Performing Arts are listed below. Select your preferred program to enrich your knowledge in your desired field and achieve professional success.

Master's of Music

Quick Facts about Master's - Music
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Eligibility Criteria : High school diploma, GED or equiv. international education
Total Credit Hours : 0
Courses : 24
Approx. Program Completion Time : 2 years
Depends on your pace - you can even complete in lesser time!
Tuition Fees : $3600.00 per month
Flexible fee payment options available
Total Program Fees : $10800.00
Discounted Final Fee: $10800.00 Limited offer
Credit Transfer : $ZER0 for Credit Transfer fee!
All credits will be accepted.

With the help of credit transfer, you can reduce your fee and time required to complete the degree program.
Student & Alumni Area : 24x7 accessible personalized student & alumni area
Study Material : Provided FREE!
Study Mode : Online self paced and self study
All you require to get started is a computer!